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Stone Paper Scissors (formerly Past Perspectives) has over 30 years direct experience delivering wargames, crisis games and political/military games for a range of audiences, particularly in the defence field.

Manual wargames, and serious games in general, are a growing field, with awareness both in the UK and the USA of their importance as transparent, flexible and cost-effective ways of gathering insights and deveoping concepts and strategies. Most recently, in 2017, the UK MoD published its first official publication on Wargame Doctrine which indicates the prioirty the UK defence community places on the importance of using wargaming as a tool for thoughtful policy development. 

The Stone Paper Scissors team have provided original game designs, development and facilitation support for a number of recent studies, including the Army's EX AGILE WARRIOR and the RAF's EX EAGLE WARRIOR as well as other exercises for development of Senior Management teams in the MoD, and policy deveopment in the Full Spectrum arena.

In addition, Stone Paper Scissors adapts and uses successful techniques and approaches it has developed in the recreational game sphere (such as Megagames) to add depth to serious games as well as keeping them interesting and very accessible to senior personnel who are not necessarily familiar with games and their processes.


Tactical Air Wargaming

Bespoke manual wargaming system for exposing insights in tactical air warfare developed for use in the RAF EXERCISE EAGLE WARRIOR.

DA Wargame 20160608_095631.jpg

Wargame 2020

Operational wargame rules for near-future military conflict at brigade level, incorporating logistics and human factors as well as recent developments in ISTAR technology and joint warfare issues.

War in Binni: another McGill megagame

Posted by Rex Brynen on 03/01/2017

After the success of last year’s New World Order 2035 megagame at McGill University, we’re holding another on February 11: War in Binni.

"The Republic of Binni is wracked by civil war. As President-for-Life Eddie Ancongo clings to office, rival groups of militias and warlords plot to seize power for themselves. Strange cults and radical extremists proliferate. Mercenaries offer their services to the highest bidder. Mineral prospectors and multinational corporations seek profit amidst the conflict. Archaeologists scramble to safeguard valuable artifacts from the ravages of war—or unscrupulously sell them to the highest bidder. Neighbouring countries meddle, seeking to further their own regional interests. The great powers call for peace—but is that what they really want?"

War in Binni is a megagame designed by renowned (or infamous) UK game designer Jim Wallman. Approximately one hundred participants will assume the roles of national decision-makers, diplomats, international organizations, mercenaries, archaeologists, cultists, corporations, journalists, rebels, organized crime, and others. Can peace brought to Binni? Or will the country further descend into chaos? And what strange secrets might the country hold?

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Wargaming is a powerful tool. I am convinced that it can deliver better understanding and critical thinking, foresight, genuinely informed decision-making and innovation.
— Vice Chief of Defence Staff, Wargaming Handbook, dated August 2017

On behalf of the organisation of Connections NL, I would like to express our thanks for your exceptional contributions to our Connections Netherlands wargaming conference. We were amazed by the fast improvisation of the Baltics megagame and the cool dynamics that it generated with our participants. On the design of Matrix Games that you facilitated, both the organisers and the participants would like to express our enthusiasm and thanks. We have had quite a bit of positive feedback on this workshop.
So thanks again and hope to be able to welcome you again next year.
— Dr. A.H. (Anja) van der Hulst, Senior Consultant Serious Gaming, TNO