Organisational Development, Problem Solving,
Education and Team-building


Organisations in the education and voluntary sectors have particular challenges in terms of organisational development. A Stone Paper Scissors manual game has the potential to provide an accessible and dynamic process to meet many of their organisational needs by creating a 'safe to fail' environment for testing processes and procedures. 

In organisational staff development a game creates interesting and professionally satisfying ways of practicing soft skills, communication and developing a wider awareness of interpersonal interactions, across the organisation.

Three of our four main game themes particularly impact on organisational development:

  • Communication and Negotiation.

  • Strategic Planning & Team Building.

  • Education & Training.

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Additional Benefits

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Facilitated planning using game techniques allows organisations to consider the 'other side of the hill' of competitors, risks and 'what if' scenarios.


'Mistakes' made here do not reflect directly on the real world - leaving the participants and the organisation to reflect more impartially on performance and development


Testing the team's soft skills in the challenging and psychologically safe environment of a game.


A game gives an experience of working with colleagues in a new environment.  This often gives participants an insight into their performance and encourage fresh networks within the organisation through a shared experience. This aspect of team building is a core use of games.


Example game

Under the United Nations Charter, the Security Council has primary responsibility for the maintenance of international peace and security. All Member States are obligated to comply with Council decisions. This makes the Council an important player in world events. The game is a simplified representation of the processes and negotiations that go on in the United Nations around emerging crises and conflicts. It is an opportunity to practice communication and negotiation skills as well as containing a strong element of Team Building.




Prices are based on a standard off-the-shelf game run in the UK, the size of the group and for a full day (6 hours).

Bespoke or customised games that more closely fit your organisation are also available, please email us to discuss your needs.

  • Up to 20 people - £900

  • 21-40 people - £120

  • 41-60 people - £1800

  • 61-80 people - £2200

  • 81-100 people - £3000

  • Over 100 - contact us to discuss your needs and options.

Prices do not include hire of venue.
Voluntary sector rates are available to any UK registered charity on request.


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...the consensus among staff and students was that the week went extremely well, and even now that is one of the main things the students remember from the week – and it was busy for them!
— Ian Horner, Magdalen College School; year 9 students playing Watch The Skies as part of their Enrichment Week activities, July 2016

Thank you for all your hard work putting on Urban Nightmare for Freestyle...
Feedback from the team related to how much fun they had and how a lot of them saw a different side to their work colleagues!!
Thanks for running the day so professionally, it felt very well controlled.
Hopefully I can play another one of your games in the future!!
— Pete O'Donnell, Freestyle Games

Stone Paper Scissors ran Watch the Skies for the guys at Klang Games GmbH in the summer of 2018 for a team building event, this is the documentary they made of the experience.