War in Binni

War in Binni


The Civil War Crisis Megagame

Armed factions and religious fanatics have destabilised Binni to the point of civil war.  A megagame on the complex inter-relationships between conflicting actors in a war torn country.



This megagame is about the emergence of civil war in a fictional African country. Participants are organised into teams of varying sizes reflecting the primary actors involved in the emerging crisis. Whilst there are game rules – mainly about how to fight the civil war - the main driving force is the face to face interaction between players representing the various sides in the crisis.


The game structure is a mix of a wargame, boardgame and role play, in that the movement and location / strengths of forces are displayed on a large master map board, while the personal interactions are managed by role-playing and talking to each other. A large part of the game is about the responses of the international community to the emerging crisis. There is a section of the game which is set in New York and about the United Nations Security Council. The Security Council players have military resources too – and they can use them to try to influence events in Binni.

That said “No game survives first contact with the players”, and the open-ended nature of War In Binni means that the game flow is likely to create unexpected events – perhaps that the civil war doesn't happen, or that the fighting is so apocalyptic or decisive that it is over quickly. It all depends on the decisions and actions of the players.

Ideal Audiences

  • Organisations wishing to practice negotiation and organisational communication skills.

  • Organisations seeking a very unusual team building challenge.

  • Organisations wishing to gain insight into how they approach ‘wicked problems’.

  • Students studying global politics or developing world issues.

Game Capacity

 For 20-90 players

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