Apocalypse North Megagame Report

Coverage of APOCALYPSE NORTH; a non-profit megagame organized by PAXsims and cosponsored by the McGill Political Science Students’ Association (PSSA), International Development Student’s Association (IDSSA) and Sociology Students Association (SSA).

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Viji Szepel-Golek
Green & Pleasant Land Megagame / Connections UK 2018

Coverage of the megagame and conference by Rex Brynen

…A last-minute telephone call between the Russian President and British Prime Minister (which hilariously took 10 minutes to arrange because of poor cell reception, even though the principals were in adjacent rooms) deescalated things. British mobilization went well, and the North Atlantic Council seemed near-unanimous on supporting an Article Five response in support of their Baltic allies—although the British PM seems to have offered to pull back forces, which was seen by the Russians as a major accomplishment...

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Jim Wallman