Games are Fun

Stone Paper Scissors (formerly Past Perspectives) is not just involved in developing Serious Games.  We also have fun developing games with a huge range of themes for recreational audiences.  Foremost among the game formats we use is the Megagame - a large multiplayer game style involving anything from 30 to 600 players in the same game and covering all sorts of subjects and lasting anything from half a day (for a smaller group) to several days for larger groups.

The subject matter can range from politics, economics, history, science fiction to heroic fantasy - and because Stone Paper Scissors is also about game design, we are able to craft games to meet the needs of specific groups - one size does not fit all.

Because of the depth and scope of our games - especially megagames - we do not usually sell 'games in a box' (but...see below) - we find it better to come to you with a team of experienced game facilitators and run the game for you.  This means even groups with very little game experience can enjoy a Stone Paper Scissors game to the full.

So a facilitated game can be organised for a group of friends - perhaps for a celebration or social event.  Or by a company wanting to put on a very different event to celebrate the end of a project.  We also have our own programme of Open Public Events so that you (and your friends) may be able to attend a Stone Paper Scissors game at a location near you.

If you are part of a gaming group with a lot of experience in running large games, we do offer the opportunity to purchase Megagame Packs - these are downloadable PDF resource packs - however, 'some assembly is required'.