Organisational Development, Problem Solving, Education and Team-building

Organisations in the education and voluntary sectors have particular challenges in terms of organisational development.  A Stone Paper Scissors manual game has the potential to provide an accessible and dynamic process to meet many of their organisational needs by creating a 'safe to fail' environment for testing processes and procedures.  In staff development a game creates interesting and proferssionally satisfying way of practicing soft skills, communication and developing a wider areness of interpersonal interactions.

We have four main game themes that impact organisational development:

  • Critical Thinking. Developing and practising essential skills in decision making and problem solving.
  • Communication and Negotiation.
  • Team Building
  • Education

read more on Game Themes.

Additional Benefits

  • Facilitated planning using game techniques allows organisations to consider the 'other side of the hill' of competitors, risks and 'what if' scenarios.
  • Testing the team's soft skills in the challenging and psychologically safe environment or a game.
  • 'Mistakes' made here do not reflect directly on the real world - leaving the participants and the organisation to reflect more impartially on performance and development
  • A game gives an experience of working with colleagues in a new environment.  This often gives participants an insight into their performance and encourage fresh networks within the organisation through a shared experience. This aspect of team building is a core use of games.