Urban Nightmare : Megagame of Chaos


The zombie apocalypse trope is well established in literature, movies, computer and board games. And in megagames too, with the first series of Urban Nightmare megagames played in 2012.

As a megagame, the Urban Nightmare games explore the higher level decision making during a major, potentially existential, crisis. In the movies and other games the zombie trope generally focusses on the individual or on small groups of survivors, but rarely explores how the world gets to that state. It all just happened and got out of control.

On the First of July 2017 there was world-wide zombie outbreak...

URBAN NIGHTMARE:STATE of CHAOS was the first ever International Wide Area Megagame. Megagames are an emerging type of gameplay with growing popularity all over the world which gather dozens (or even hundreds) of players together to interact with various board game and role-playing elements over the course of a single day. In this game, the game involved over 500 players in eleven simultaneous megagames involving over 500 players playing concurrently worldwide, creating a gameplay experience like no other.

With a zombie apocalypse as the catalyst each venue represented a state of a fictionalized America and worked to contain the infection and help to maintain order throughout the country.  Not only did players work towards maintaining order in their state, they had to interact with others around the world, affecting each other's game play (for better or for worse!).

Here are a couple of commentaries about the outcome of this epic event:


Jim Wallman