Why Games?

Playing games does not necessarily mean merely 'messing about'. Most human play is accompanied by genuine emotional intensity*.

All of our games are, first and foremost, opportunities for experiential learning and development. Players are drawn in and engaged by the depth and richness of the game structure and content.

Stone Paper Scissors games are designed around the needs of the group – these are not 'one size fits all' games and we develop games to meet the key question "What Do You Want To Achieve?".

Our games particularly allow that all-important facilitated time for post game analysis, review and evaluation so that everyone can, if they wish, come away with some reflection on their practice or personal development.

Our games connect our main Game Themes with specific personal or organisational goals and create games that assist with:


• Insight

• Communication & Negotiation

• Strategic Planning & Team Building

• Education & Training

What you get

A Stone Paper Scissors game is more than an 'activity in a box'. It is customised to meet the needs of the participants and the overall objective, be that for education, research or to gather observations, insights and lessons. Our games are moderated by an experienced facilitation team, skilled not only at the organisation and presentation of the game but in drawing out the various outcomes and reflections that inevitably arise from the game -play.

And of course, games are fun!


*Johan Huizinga, the Dutch historian and one of the founders of modern cultural history explores this theme, and the theme of play as the origin of so much of human culture in his seminal book Homo Ludens.