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Stone Paper Scissors is not just involved in developing Serious Games. We also have fun developing games with a huge range of themes for recreational audiences. Foremost among the game formats we use is the Megagame – a large multiplayer game style involving anything from 30 to 600 players in the same game and covering all sorts of subjects and lasting anything from half a day (for a smaller group) to several days for larger groups.

The subject matter can range from politics, economics, history, science fiction to heroic fantasy – and because Stone Paper Scissors is also about game design, we are able to craft games to meet the needs of specific groups – one size does not fit all.

Because of the depth and scope of our games – especially megagames – we do not usually sell 'games in a box' (but...see below) – we find it better to come to you with a team of experienced game facilitators and run the game for you. This means even groups with very little game experience can enjoy a Stone Paper Scissors game to the full.

So a facilitated game can be organised for a group of friends – perhaps for a celebration or social event. Or by a company wanting to put on a very different event to celebrate the end of a project. We also have our own programme of Open Public Events so that you (and your friends) may be able to attend a Stone Paper Scissors game at a location near you.

If you are part of a gaming group with a lot of experience in running large games, we do offer the opportunity to purchase Megagame Packs – these are downloadable PDF resource packs – however, 'some assembly is required'.


Additional Benefits

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A Megagame is a great way to celebrate an event, for example a great alternative for holding a stag do or birthday party.

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Open Public Events

A chance for you and your friends to have a fun day out as part of a Megagame, and meet new people in a highly sociable environment.



Urban Nightmare explores the higher level decision making during a major, potentially existential, crisis. In the movies and other games the zombie trope generally focusses on the individual or on small groups of survivors, but rarely explores how the world gets to that state. It all just happened and got out of control.

In this megagame we can really look at how things get that far out of control. Or not. In the emerging gameplay of a megagame the outcome is entirely open to the consequences of player decisions and their interactions...



A standard off-the-shelf-game, UK based, full day (6 hours) is £30 per person (not including hire of venue).

Minimum and maximum numbers will depend on the game, for most games the minimum is 20 players.

For a bespoke or customised game please email us to discuss your needs.


For further information on Recreational Games please contact Stone Paper Scissors on or contact us using the form below.

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For further information on Recreational Games please fill in the form below or alternatively contact us by email. 

Thought it was a brilliant day, thanks to all the organisers,everything ran like clockwork and it was a wonderful experience.
— Martin Hackett, Arnhem Assualt, game run for a retirement party
Big, big thanks... It was my first Megagame and we had an absolute blast. Great atmosphere, great food and great company.
— Chanel Stevens, Arnhem Assualt, game run for a retirement party
Thanks so much for an incredible day Jim, all my players had a fantastic time, even the one who was hungover and press-ganged into attending!
— Joe Robinson, Urban Nightmare : State of Chaos, run for Megagame Makers

SU&SD taking part in the first ever Watch the Skies megagame

Team SU&SD playing the much larger Watch the Skies 2 (Part 1)

Team SU&SD playing the much larger Watch the Skies 2 (Part 2)