Watch the Skies Megagame in a Box

Watch the Skies Megagame in a Box


Complete physical version of all the game components and materials.

All you need for a ready to run megagame of the world famous Watch the Skies, about the world's technological, military and political response to the existence of extraterrestrial aliens.

Price: £250 for delivery within the UK / £280 for delivery the rest of the world

Made on demand, delivery eta within 4 weeks of purchase.

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Pay, then play!

A complete ready made boxed up set of all the components for the world-famous megagame about alien invasions.

The box contains:


Alien Science Cards
Earth Item cards
Science credits
Special action cards
Technology cards
Intercept cards


Alien Briefing
Control notes
Chief of Defence
Foreign Minister
Head of state
National team briefings - Brazil, China, France, India, Japan, Russia, UK, USA


Army Counters
SIF and UFO counters
UN counters

Maps and laminates:

Master Map
Alien Research Sheets
Human Research sheets
Team sheets


Alien forces summary sheet
Military balance summary sheet
UN Issues pamphlets
Game cash
WTS Description Sheet
Game preparation Sheet
Game structure Sheet
Nobel prize Certificates
Table Labels
Role Badge Cards
Spare stickers

Plus a CD with all the materials in pdf format

For 20 to 40 players



For UK Delivery:

For International Delivery: