Urban Nightmare : State of Chaos Download

Urban Nightmare : State of Chaos Download


An uncontrollable outbreak; can you halt the tide of an unstoppable horror?

A game about how government and city authorities in US might respond to an emerging zombie apocalypse

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The Megagame of Zombie Apocalypse

In this version of Urban Nightmare : State Of Chaos, the aim is to play out some of the issues around managing a growing epidemic-like crisis - like a zombie outbreak! - on a large scale covering linked events in five major cities in a single State.

Players represent politicians, leaders, police, emergency services, press, bio-tech corporations and even zombies! Human players have to take into account the demographics, economics and political make-up of the fictional State and the cities within it to work out what to do, for the good of everyone.

This is the largest megagame project we produce and at full capacity requires over one hundred players to do it justice!
Its modular structure also allows smaller versions to be successfully run down to 40 players.
It has already been played worldwide, most notably in summer of 2017 when we ran 12 simultaneous games in 5 countries over 2 continents.

This complete downloadable pack of pdf files consists of game materials for all five cities played in this game, including:

  • player handbook

  • individual player briefings

  • five huge city maps

  • map counters

  • many card sets

  • role badges

  • setup guide

as well as all the materials needed for the bio-tech corporation sub-game

For 40 to 120 players