Power to the People Download

Power to the People Download


An intensely political megagame

A game of compromise, factional infighting, shady deals, and Establishment dark state interference.

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The 'Party' vs 'Establishment’ Political Megagame

This megagame is heavily inspired by the book 'A Very British Coup' by Chris Mullin – but it is not a recreation of it.

The game is about the struggles of a newly elected socialist government to reconcile the differences within The Party and to manage the often subversive challenges from The Establishment (or deep state as it is often called).

The dynamic of this game is driven by two main pressures. The first is the struggle within the 'The Party' of this game to reconcile the differing agendas and perspectives that exist under the its banner. The bulk of the players represent factions of Party activists of various flavours, seeking to find agreement and to ensure their voice is heard and their concerns reflected.

The other part of the game is the action of the forces of reaction – the 'Establishment' (and the weak and defeated Conservative opposition) who feel their power, privilege and positions deeply threatened by the policies of a new socialist government. Some players will be representing these forces.

Can this new, popular, socialist government meet its manifesto pledges, or will it be brought down by a combination of infighting, opposition and Establishment dirty tricks?

Complete pdf pack consisting of game materials, including boards, counters, card sets, all the team briefings, setup guide and much more.

For 25 to 51 players