Condition X-Ray Download

Condition X-Ray Download


Can you keep the HMS Belfast afloat?

Can you organise your damage control teams and resources to keep the ship afloat during battle and fighting back? Difficult decision making under pressure.

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The minimum degree of tightness permitted on an operational ship is Condition X-RAY…

Condition X-Ray is a solo or cooperative game that aims to give a flavour of damage control in a WW2 warship for non-technical players. The game is usually run by a Game Controller, but it could be played without.

In real life Damage Control on a warship is controlled and co-ordinated from the Damage Control Centre. This has a telephone and intercom link with different parts of the ship, and from here Damage Control Teams and Working Parties are directed to particular tasks such as firefighting, hole-plugging or making jury-rigged running repairs..

Players are encouraged to imagine themselves in this Damage Control Centre as they struggle to mitigate the effects of enemy attacks on their ship and keep it afloat or even to be able to hit back at its attackers and ultimately return to port safely at the end of its mission.

This game is necessarily a huge over-simplification of what is, in real life, a vastly complex and technical business. The game is played on a simplified deck plan of a ship – in this example very loosely based on HMS Belfast. The deck plan of the ship is similar to the damage control chart that exists in a real damage control centre.

Complete downloadable pack of pdf files consisting of game materials, including the game rules booklets, counters, cards and Ship Plan.