Wargame 2020

Wargame 2020


Operational Brigade Level Combat

An operational wargame set at company level and reflecting modern military operations in a Joint Environment.



This is a wargame intended to simulate actions at up to Brigade supported by brigade/divisional assets where they would be available. It includes elements and technologies that might be in operation in the period around 2020-25.


The system designed for this wargame can be used either in an open game, semi-closed or closed game.

In the open game, both sides place their unit counters on the map in view of the enemy. The fact that the counter are in view of players does not mean they have been located for fires and players are not permitted to respond to enemy units that they would not, in real life, have been aware or discovered using ISR resources.

In the semi-open game variant both BLUE and RED game counters are placed on the map and are visible to opposing players, but are placed face down until they have been detected by their opponent.
In addition, in some cases their general location might be spoofed by a small number dummy counters1.

In the closed game, both sides have separate maps, and the wargame controllers place enemy units on the players' maps only when they have been detected or identified. This type of game offers the most authentic set of problems and allows for the possibility of true surprise operations.

Whatever the game type, the game action is always simultaneous, that is it does not operate like a recreational game on an “I go, you go” basis.
BLUE and RED note their intentions for each game turn and Control facilitates interactions and contacts at the same time using the game guidelines.

Ideal Audiences

Game Capacity

For 20 to 40 players

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