Wargame 2020

Wargame 2020


Operational Brigade Level Combat

An operational wargame set at brigade and battlegroup level and reflecting modern military operations in a Joint Environment.



This is a wargame intended to simulate actions at up to Brigade level supported by brigade/divisional assets where they would be available. It includes elements and technologies that might be in operation in the period around 2020-25.


The game structure of a typical Wargame 2020 game is built around a recognisable double-blind map game. Rules and procedures determine the outcome of player decisions and planning. The game is flexible and accommodates conventional kinetic warfare, information operations, command and control limitations, air power, littoral operations, unit cohesion and the effects-based impact of future technologies.

Players take on adversarial roles at the battlegroup and brigade headquarters level. They will plan their task organisational structures and deployments and then the results of those deployments are played out on the maps. Time is built into the game turn for detailed planning and the collection of observations, insights ad lessons.

Ideal Audiences

  • Defence and security organisations seeking to develop insights, especially around emerging technology.

  • Students studying international relations, defence and security issues, military history or war studies.

Game Capacity

For 4 to 30 players

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