The Blitz

The Blitz


London at war 1940 – Surviving in a city in flames

It is 1940.  London is under attack by enemy bombers and is on fire.  Deploy and manage the city's response and prevent total destruction.



The game is about fire-fighting in the London Blitz of 1940. The main focus is on the challenges of deploying firefighters and rescue services while under attack. The game presents a series of operational and resource management problems – the extent of which is not always fully known – so players are responding to an emerging situation that is in a state of flux.


Players are grouped into teams which represent different parts of the London Fire Brigade's command structure. Each team has a set of local resources and maps and information of the district of the city that is their responsibility. Game facilitators then provide real time information regarding the unfolding situation and the team must reach decisions quickly and manage their limited resources as best they can. One of the teams represents the overall command centre and attempts to co-ordinate the teams, helping them by re-allocating resources, or calling on additional resources from outside London. The key to the game is the way the players analyse their particular situation and the incomplete information arriving at their HQ, as well as how they communicate with other teams and their higher command.

Ideal Audiences

  • Organisations wishing to practice decision making and communication under pressure.

  • Organisations seeking a team building challenge.

  • Students looking at the Second World War or the history of London.

Game Capacity

For 12 to 30 players

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