Security Council

Security Council


Negotiation and communication in the complex global village

The United Nations Security council has to wrestle with global security issues.  This game tests your ability to reach agreements in seemingly impossible circumstances.



Under the United Nations Charter, the Security Council has primary responsibility for the maintenance of international peace and security. All Member States are obligated to comply with Council decisions. This makes the Council an important player in world events. The game is a simplified representation of the processes and negotiations that go on in the United Nations around emerging crises and conflicts. It is an opportunity to practice communication and negotiation skills as well as gaining some understanding of the workings of international politics at this level at the UN.


Players form teams representing the delegations to the Security Council from each country. The game-play is divided up into:

  • Council Meetings, which are a plenary and formal forum for the whole council to arrive at agreements and sign off on official Security Council Resolutions.
  • Informal Discussions, aside from the formal council meetings in which teams organise deals, resolve differences and build alliances. Much of the real work of the UN is done in this way.

The players will be faced by one or more global crisis situations during the game, and will have to represent their country's position and agree a binding Resolution for each one. At the end of the game there is a debrief of the process and how negotiation and communications worked both within and between the teams. Teams have the opportunity to reflect on how their decision making was affected by the communication and negotiation styles of the other teams and how this might inform their practice and planning in future.

They are also invited to reflect on their own communication styles.

Ideal Audiences

  • Organisations wishing to practice communications and organisational negotiation skills.
  • Organisations seeking a team building challenge.
  • Students looking at international politics or the United Nations.

Game Capacity

For 12 to 30 players

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