New World Order 2035

New World Order 2035


Geopolitical Crisis and Conflict

Set in the near future, new crises emerge as new technologies affect the balance of power in the world.



New World Order 2035 is about a fictional world some years from now. In this game there are familiar and unfamiliar aspects of the global political situation. Some nations have more power and influence than they have at present and other nations influence is on the wane. Emerging technologies are changing the economic and strategic landscape worldwide. Space, cyber, hypersonic technology, all play a part.


In this game there are up to 16 nations, as well as 5 major multinational corporations, scientists and other pressure groups. In short, the global situation will be large, complex and fascinating. The teams are negotiating, compromising and attempting to further their national interest. The USA is still a global superpower, but by no means the only one. There are some very real-world constraints that will be familiar. Whilst players have some freedom to make decisions, do deals and interact in their roles as the political movers and shakers of their country, they also have to take account of the will of their people and the interests of their political allies and supporters.

While there is a lot of flexibility in how to play the game – New World Order 2035 is not a game where 'anything goes'. Random acts, doing things 'just for laughs' or just because you can, will have the same impact that such behaviour would have in the real world. Every action has both a reaction and an unintended consequence!

Ideal Audiences

  • Organisations wishing to practice decision-making skills in an unusual and complex political environment.

  • Groups wishing to practice communication & negotiation.

  • Organisations wishing to experience a very different team building event.

  • Students studying global politics or developing world issues.

Game Capacity

 For 30 to 90 players

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