Green & Pleasant Land

Green & Pleasant Land


Will Britain be brought to its knees by the foreign menace?

UK's planning and coordination in the face of a range of wide spectrum threats and disruption during an accelerating crisis and transition to war scenario

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The scenario for this game is that there are some considerable tensions growing in Europe, with real concerns that the Baltic States might be under threat of some sort of incursion or interference from Russia, similar to events in the Crimea or Eastern Ukraine. Already there have been border incidents, and alleged cyber incursions against those states.

The situation is being seen as sufficiently serious that the British Government has decided independently that sovereign preparations to reinforce Europe must go ahead.

Tension is rising week by week and, and there is every possibility that the UK home base and critical national infrastructure will come under covert attack or disruption in the period leading up to potential hostilities.

How these threats will manifest is not yet known, but it is highly likely that they will appear across a wide spectrum of areas, social, economic, cyber and political.

Game Play

Gameplay will focus on planning and coordination in the face of a range of threats and disruption during an accelerating crisis or potential transition to war scenario.

The game is structured around approx 1 hour turns allowing enough time for players to interact and cooperate with the other teams to arrive at policies, plans and - naturally - actions on a map to mitigate or defend against emerging threats developed by the adversary teams.

Teams represent key government departments in the UK, both Civil and Military, and their main activity is around allocating the correct resources, coordinating responses and identifying and attributing the nature and origin of each threat.

Ideal Audiences

  • Policy makers interested in gaining insights on crisis management at Government level.

  • Government departments seeking to improve understanding of emerging issues.

  • Academics involved in security studies or with an interest in resilience.

  • Students studying government decision making, constitutional issues or national security.

  • Organisations seeking an unusual team building challenge.

Game Capacity

For 30 to 120 players

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