Exterminator War

Exterminator War


Can humanity survive against implacable robot enemies?

Science fiction game about the problems of alliance warfare as humanity faces an existential crisis.



Exterminator War is a science fiction game about high level interstellar politics, warfare and intrigue. It is set in a distant future where a divided humanity has colonised hundreds of planets. The humans continue to fight amongst themselves in their rivalry to control interstellar colonies, but this is dramatically interrupted by the arrival of several fleets of alien killer robots.


The player teams have to find ways of putting aside their deep-seated rivalries, in order to form an alliance against the common enemy. Who can be trusted? The game hinges on the ability of the participants to manage an accelerating crisis and at the same time work together for the greater good.

It is open ended, there is no absolutely fixed narrative – what happens depends entirely on what the players end up deciding to do as the crisis emerges.

Ideal Audiences

  • Organisations wishing to practice decision-making skills in an unusual and complex political and operational environment.

  • Groups wishing to practice communication & negotiation in an unusual situation.

  • Organisations wishing to experience a very different team building event.

Game Capacity

For 20 to 40 players

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