Tribes in peace and war...but beware the Romans are coming!

Celtic tribes at peace and war.  Tribal rivalries and ancient Celtic culture.



The game is about learning about the lives and politics of pre-Roman Britain through the eyes of the chiefs of the Celtic tribes. The game loks at how a tribe might have been – their priorities and concerns and in particular their world-view. The game explores in an experiential way those cultural differences of 2000 years ago.


Players are grouped into teams representing the chiefs of a Celtic tribe in ancient Britain. Each chief within the tribe aims to become most respected and seeks to gather followers by becoming either feared, or respected (or both). These are also roles for Bards and Druids in each team – each of whom have their own and different aims – but always with the greater good of the tribe in mind. One team member is elected King of the tribe – but can they stay King? The game explores internal tribal dynamics and tensions and the constant struggle for status. In addition to these internal pressures, the tribe also interacts with the other teams of tribal players. Tribal warfare 1 © 2007 might occur – though for the Celts this was probably a relatively bloodless affair of posturing and boasting. Inter-tribal relations might also be in the form of trade or raiding (which was endemic). In a larger game, the tribes will also have to come to terms with the impact of a totally alien invaders … The Romans.

Ideal Audiences

  • Organisations seeking an unusual team building challenge.
  • Students looking at British history, the Celts or the Roman invasion of Britain.

Game Capacity

For 12 to 30 Players

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