Arnhem Assault

Arnhem Assault


A megagame of the famous 'Bridge Too Far'

The battles in the Netherlands in September 1944, known by the Allies as Operation Market Garden - can you hold the bridge long enough for reinforcements to arrive?



Possibly the most written about military campaign ever, OPERATION MARKET GARDEN has been the subject of hundreds of books, two feature films, dozens of computer games and board games, and the “80% Successful” operation has been the object of endless discussion among armchair generals over the last 70-plus years.

Of course, as with many famous battles, historians disagree on a range of fundamental issues – myths grow up and are exploded, only to be rediscovered later.

This game is a distillation of myth, opinion and established fact that reflects one view of the battle.

So this is not a re-enactment – the game will not go as it did historically, players get the opportunity to be innovative and explore some important 'what-if' questions and at the same time the game really brings out the real-life challenges and dilemmas faced at the time.


Players take command of the divisions, corps and air forces involved in this part of the operation and re-fight the battle to control the crucial bridges at Arnhem. There is a significant element of planning as both the Allied paratroops and the German defenders have choices about how they deploy, making this an exciting game of communication and strategic planning.

Ideal Audiences

  • Organisations wishing to practice decision-making skills in a complex political and operational environment.

  • Groups wishing to practice communication & negotiation in an unusual situation.

  • Students wishing to understand one of the controversial military campaigns of the Second World War.

  • Organisations wishing to experience a very different team building event.

Game Capacity

12 to 24 players

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